Eastern Adopts BoardDocs

Eastern Howard has adopted BoardDocs for management of school board documents and meetings. You can see the full information about BoardDocs below.

You can access BoardDocs at the following links:

https://www.boarddocs.com/in/ehsc/Board.nsf – This is the staff login link for Eastern staff/Board Members

https://www.boarddocs.com/in/ehsc/Board.nsf/Public – Link to the Public site used by members of the community

https://www.boarddocs.com/in/ehsc/Board.nsf/Scorecard – Link to vote tallies while the Board meeting is in session.  This link is active only while the meeting is active.

Now Accepting Transfer Applications


  • May 4, 2018 is the DEADLINE! It is time to submit your application…spots are filling up much faster than anticipated.
  • We are accepting applications for all grade levels.
  • We will determine capacity at the May 2018 Board Meeting.
  • School Grade A on the State’s report card.
  • 99 percent graduation rate!
  • High achieving and believing that every child can have success.

You can access the online application at this link.

Athletic Swag?

Looking for some custom Comet gear? Well, you’re in luck. Eastern has partnered with MyLocker to bring you custom Comet gear. Best of all, part of the proceeds from every purchase returns to the athletics program to help fund student achievement. If you would like to customize your own gear check out the link belowCometGear.


The Whorwell Musicianship Fund

Initiated by EHS band alums to honor Chuck and Joann Whorwell, this fund is committed to enhancing a culture of fine musicianship at Eastern High School.  Its goal is to make instruments more available and affordable and to provide for special clinics and instruction.  In 2016 grant funds were used to purchase two trumpets, and in 2017 nearly $1,000 was granted to purchase two flutes and one clarinet.

As of August 2017 the fund total was $30,100.  Continued donations to this fund will make even larger grants possible year after year.

Why You Should Choose Eastern

Why Should You Choose Eastern?

Eastern Howard School Corporation has a rather catchy tagline.

A Tradition Of Excellence. A Vision For Tomorrow.

You will not go to any other school in central Indiana and see this in such evidence as you do when you observe the culture and people around Eastern Howard. While the school system emphasizes traditional values and maintains a longstanding tradition of excellence, it constantly reevaluates itself to fit into the evolving world. Tradition in this institution blends with cutting edge technology and an eye toward the industries of tomorrow. Investing yourself in Eastern is investing yourself in a community. Don’t just take it from us though. Have a look at the video below to see exactly what parents and students see in Eastern Howard. We know once you do, you will understand why everyone wants to be a Comet.