2023-2024 Registration Information

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Thursday, July 20, 2023        10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

New students and their parent/guardian representative should report to the building that the student will attend.

ONLINE REGISTRATION FOR RETURNING STUDENTS also available Thursday, July 20th through the beginning of school.

Returning students are expected to register online.  If you have no home access, the public libraries are available to you for registration.



Current Student HANDBOOKS:

BOOK FEE LISTS:  KG students fees are set at $0.  All others may find their fees below:

2023-2024 Fee Listings Coming Soon

KOKOMO BUS STOP FORM:  For parents desiring student transportation to/from Kokomo.

Kokomo Bus Stops Request, Contract, and Waiver/Release Form

REGISTRATION NOTICES:  Notices and forms indicated for your information during online registration.

2023-2024 Annual Notifications Coming Soon

Note: All iPads for the 2023-2024 school year and beyond are insured against breakage and there are no longer any separate enrollments or fees to participate. If your student attends Eastern the insurance is already attached to the issued device.

Grade Level Supply Lists (new year lists will be added when lists are finalized)


School Day Schedule

The Eastern Howard school year has begun.  We understand that parents sometimes need to schedule appointments for their children or their own appointments in coordination with the school day.  We are pleased to announce the general school day length for students.  School start and end times are listed below.

Eastern Elementary:  8:10 a.m. – 2:55 p.m.
Eastern Jr./Sr. High School:  8:05 a.m. – 3:10 p.m.

Eastern Howard iPad 1:1 Initiative

Eastern Howard is committed to providing a world class education to all of our students. To further our ability to address student needs and individualize instruction we have implemented a technology program. Each of our schools is fully 1:1 with digital devices. iPads have been chosen and distributed to all of our staff and students. Our infrastructure has been updated to handle the load and we have now added Mac labs at each building for class use.

Saftey is a primary concern, especially with our 1:1 iPad deployment which stays with students 24/7. Because of this, we have implemented safe filtering for internet and app access whether students are at school or at home. While no filter is 100%, we work hard to keep our students safe. Teaching staff continue with daily professional development on a variety of topics including regular technology development. You may even find that your student’s class runs a facebook page or other social media account that you can follow.

Many staff have a web presence and allow access to homework and notes for easy download. Both buildings and the corporation office communicate via Facebook and Twitter accounts. Our most recent edition to teaching tools is a new Learning Management System called “Canvas.” Canvas allows teachers to digitally run their classes and provide access to handouts, discussions, quizzes and other activities. A partner app from Instructure is installed on every iPad to allow students quick access to their courses. As we move further into our program and maintain certain tools, Canvas will be known more and more. Be on the lookout for your students courses in this new system.

Athletic Swag?

Looking for some custom Comet gear? Well, you’re in luck. Eastern has partnered with MyLocker to bring you custom Comet gear. Best of all, part of the proceeds from every purchase returns to the athletics program to help fund student achievement. If you would like to customize your own gear check out the link belowCometGear.


Does Your Business Need Promoting?

Want to help out the athletic department and promote your business?

Eastern is always looking for ways to partner with local businesses. If you are interested in promoting your business and your involvement in the schools then please submit an inquiry to Erik Hisner, our athletic director.



Julie Woodall, Athletic Secretary

The Whorwell Musicianship Fund

Initiated by EHS band alums to honor Chuck and Joann Whorwell, this fund is committed to enhancing a culture of fine musicianship at Eastern High School.  Its goal is to make instruments more available and affordable and to provide for special clinics and instruction.  In 2016 grant funds were used to purchase two trumpets, and in 2017 nearly $1,000 was granted to purchase two flutes and one clarinet.

As of August 2017 the fund total was $30,100.  Continued donations to this fund will make even larger grants possible year after year.

Eastern Elementary School uses D’Nealian Handwriting.

Handwriting.  This topic is sometimes more debated than politics.

Eastern Elementary still teaches handwriting.  Many schools have removed it from their curriculum because of technology.  Or, they don’t designate what specific system they use.  We proudly use D’Nealian at Eastern Elementary School.  We notify our local preschool programs of this so they can start introducing it to their 3 and 4 year olds.  Here are a couple of examples of D’Nealian with and without the stroke arrows.

If you have any questions about handwriting or any other Kindergarten Readiness topics, please contact me at the school.

Why You Should Choose Eastern

Why Should You Choose Eastern?

Eastern Howard School Corporation has a rather catchy tagline.

A Tradition Of Excellence. A Vision For Tomorrow.

You will not go to any other school in central Indiana and see this in such evidence as you do when you observe the culture and people around Eastern Howard. While the school system emphasizes traditional values and maintains a longstanding tradition of excellence, it constantly reevaluates itself to fit into the evolving world. Tradition in this institution blends with cutting edge technology and an eye toward the industries of tomorrow. Investing yourself in Eastern is investing yourself in a community. Don’t just take it from us though. Have a look at the video below to see exactly what parents and students see in Eastern Howard. We know once you do, you will understand why everyone wants to be a Comet.

Eastern Cares

Eastern cares about our community, our students, and our patrons. Every month Comets donate time and invest themselves in giving back to our community. Volunteering, donation of facility time, and donations to families in need are just a few of the common good works of our staff and students. Every month we will update this area to show how our Eastern family is promoting caring and compassion. You can browse our document folder below for more information. When available we will also share photos and video through our gallery folder.