Eastern Schools Overview

Notice of Project Hearings

Eastern will hold public hearings in regards to school improvement projects. You can check out the entire notice below. Please keep in mind that as conditions change, so may times and dates. Always check the school website on the day of a scheduled hearing if you wish to attend. You can access the official notice here-> Project Hearing - Legal January 27, 2021.pdf

Welcome to Eastern Howard Schools

Welcome to Eastern Howard School Corporation. Our schools are located in the small town of Greentown, Indiana, and we pride ourselves on hometown values. Our mission is simple; "Eastern Howard School Corporation will provide academic, social, and physical opportunities to all students in order to allow them to pursue their fullest potential and to prepare them to be responsible and productive citizens."

Our teachers and staff are among the most caring individuals you will find anywhere. We love our jobs and welcome your children into our schools. In addition to caring for our students, we also care about the community. Eastern has embarked on a new mission through "Eastern Cares." Our initiative highlights all of the good works of students and staff and how we give back to the community.

Check out the sections below to find out more about all of the ways Eastern Cares. Eastern truly is a great place to be.

Eastern Cares (Links to the Eastern Cares Initiative)

Eastern Cares Initiative

Eastern cares about our community, students, and patrons. Click this link to learn more.

Why Choose Eastern (Links to more information on Eastern)

Why You Should Choose Eastern

Join us to learn why choosing Eastern is a very wise choice. Click this link to learn more.