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IMPORTANT INFORMATION for completing the Criminal Background Check

Be sure you READ all instructions carefully. The system does not allow you to back out of the process.   (notice the highlighted section below, found in the instructions)

Please ensure you have been instructed to complete the full expanded background check. Once it is submitted the process begins instantly and there are no options for refunds.

The DCS form is confusing. It is a State form and the State will not correct the information as written. You fill out both Part A and Part B. The Part A section says the form is to be filled out by the requesting organization. Actually you will fill out that section with YOUR INFORMATION.   There is a tab that is titled: requesting organization. In this tab you will list Eastern Howard. Part B is additional information you have to submit. The rest of the form is self-explanatory.

Approximate costs:

Background Check–$31.50

DCS Check–$2.95

Licenses (when applicable)–$3.95

***** The law requires a criminal search in all counties of residence so there could be additional fees and/or court access fees. About 250 county courts charge an additional fee to search their court records.

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