iPad Information

Eastern iPad 1:1 Initiative

Eastern Howard is committed to providing a world class education to all of our students. To further our ability to address student needs and individualize instruction we have implemented a technology program. Each of our schools is fully 1:1 with digital devices. iPads have been chosen and distributed to all of our staff and students. Our infrastructure has been updated to handle the load and we have now added Mac labs at each building for class use. Saftey is a primary concern, especially with our 1:1 iPad deployment which stays with students 24/7. Because of this, we have implemented safe filtering for internet and app access whether students are at school or at home. While no filter is 100%, we work hard to keep our students safe. Teaching staff continue with daily professional development on a variety of topics including regular technology development. You may even find that your student's class runs a facebook page or other social media account that you can follow. Many staff have a web presence and allow access to homework and notes for easy download. Both buildings and the corporation office communicate via Facebook and Twitter accounts. Our most recent edition to teaching tools is a new Learning Management System called "Canvas." Canvas allows teachers to digitally run their classes and provide access to handouts, discussions, quizzes and other activities. A partner app from Instructure is installed on every iPad to allow students quick access to their courses. As we move further into our program and maintain certain tools, Canvas will be known more and more. Be on the lookout for your students courses in this new system.

Damaged Device Information

Eastern Howard School Corporation has been an iPad 1:1 school for many years now. The devices have become integral to the curriculum of the schools and play an important part in the education of our students. We understand that accidents happen, and when they do, we are happy to work with you. If you receive a bill for student damage, you can make payment to the Central Office. If you are unable to pay your bill, the Central Office can work with you to create a payment plan. All devices must be maintained by the school for legal purposes. Our general repair process is outlined below. Please understand that all cases are different and repair costs change.

General Repair Procedures

1. The tech team is notified of the device damage

2. The device is evaluated and a loaner iPad is given to the student

3. The device is inventoried, photographed, and then sent to the repair facility for repair

4. During or after device evaluation, the technology department calls the student’s guardian to inform them of the damage

5. The device is returned from the repair facility with an associated final cost

6. The device is returned to the student and the loaner is collected back into inventory

7. When the corporation is billed by the repair facility, an invoice of the final billing amount will be generated and mailed to the guardian of the student

8. After 30 days of non-payment or failure to setup a payment plan with Central Office, a final delinquent letter is generated and mailed

9. If the delinquent due date lapses without payment, the Corporation takes appropriate actions

Other Billable Incidents

There are a few instances where billing may be incurred without actual damage to the device. These instances involve the cases and chargers. Eastern will not replace a charger for a student unless it is paid for at the time of the request. If a student leaves Eastern and does not return the charger, the family will receive a bill. Cases are replaced at a cost to the student when they are deemed unable protect the device, or if the student withdraws and the case is unfit for redistribution. This includes markings, paint, tears, stickers that cannot be removed, etc.

Please note: chargers returned to Eastern must be the Corporation-issued charger. All students are given an Apple brand iPad charger. If a third-party charger or an iPhone charger is returned, the family will receive a bill for a replacement Apple charger.

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