Eastern Technology

Welcome to Eastern Technology

Our school district is comprised of nearly 1600 students, faculty, and staff. Each individual plays a vital role in student success and growth at Eastern. The Eastern technology department is comprised of four individuals whose goals focus around effortlessly integrating your student's technology and classroom experiences during their time at our schools. 

Dennis Bagley is our technology director and oversees the daily operations of the technology department at Eastern Howard. Dennis has seen many technology trends come and go and is passionate about our current 1:1 iPad deployment. Our second technology staff member is Mr. Kevin Wisher. Mr. Wisher maintains the integrity of our servers and infrastructure and handles all of the daily maintenance of systems around the corporation. Ms. Bianca Stahl is our newest edition and joins us as our corporation iPad manager. As you can imagine, in a 1:1 iPad district, she is kept busy with iPad issues along with damage reporting and replacement and troubleshooting. The final member or our Eastern Tech crew is Mr. Michael Berg who serves as Eastern's technology integration coach. Mr. Berg researches resources, provides structured training, troubleshoots, and co-teaches in classrooms as needed.

Every day at Eastern sees our department bustling to help keep things moving. We love our technology deployment, admire our students and staff, and hope to help in any way we can.