1/30/2023 Announcements

Eastern High School Announcements

Monday January 30, 2023.

Today, January 30th, we will have a call out for Middle School baseball at 7:00 in the library conference room. Any 7th or 8th grader interested in playing should attend this informational meeting.

Join the Eastern Comets team for Walk a Mile for the Rescue Mission on Feb. 11. We have transportation for you from the school that day. Get a packet from Mrs. Larson or Bella Doll.  Everyone who gets a donation for the Rescue Mission will receive a nice long-sleeve shirt, hot breakfast, hot chocolate and cookies!

Such a PHENOMENAL day to be a Comet! The following students received Gold:

Nathan Rush (State Qualifier – Bassoon)

Porter Stone (State Qualifier – Bassoon)

Allison DeYoung (State Qualifier – Flute)

Allie Adams (State Qualifier – French Horn)

Allie Adams (State Qualifier – Violin)

Lexi Linstrom (Violin)

Ethan Heck (Drumset)

Maggie Rife (Trumpet)

Makayla Armstrong (Trumpet)

Alexa McDaniel (Clarinet)

Makenzie Lewis (Flute)

Alainia Darling (Oboe)

Claire Rush (Bassoon)

Nichole King (Viola)

Whitley Murmmet (Violin)

Woodwind Quartet (Lexi Linstrom, Claire Rush, Alli DeYoung and Vex Williams)

Percussion Ensemble (State Qualifier)

(Nathan Rush, Porter Stone, Ethan Heck, Nichole King, Kaelyn Kernel, Kolton Lybrook, Evan McGlothlin, Vex Williams, Claire Rush)

Following Students Received Silver!

Lexi Linstrom (Clarinet)

Annalee Higdon (Bass Clarinet)

I could not be prouder of the work each student out into this event. So much support from student to student and from parents to students. I am a proud director today and cannot wait to see your successes in the future!

Musical shirt orders and money are due tomorrow.