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 The NEW Indiana Graduation Requirements are effective with the class of 2010. These new requirements were designed to further increase student preparedness for life after high school. In today's global economy and highly technical workforce, it is important that students take the most rigorous coursework that they can handle. This is true for all students regardless of their post-high school plan: entering the workforce, pursuing a technical/associate's degree, or pursuing a bachelor's degree.

The NEW Indiana Graduation Requirements include four high school diploma options for students:

  1. General Diploma
  2. Core 40 Diploma
  3. Core 40 with Academic Honors
  4. Core 40 with Technical Honors

Beginning with the class of 2011, students and parents will be required to go through a formal Core 40 Opt-Out process to receive the general diploma.

Kokomo Area Career Center (KACC)

KACC offers programs designed to train high school students for technical jobs in the workplace of tomorrow. 2015-2016 KACC Courses offered.