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The mission of the Eastern High School counseling program is to enable all students to experience educational success by providing guidance in the areas of academic, career, and citizenship development; to provide brief counseling to help students overcome personal challenges that interfere with learning; and to advocate for an environment that supports high achievement for all students. To accomplish this mission, Eastern’s counselors will be aware of, adhere to, and carry out the Indiana Student Standards for Guidance. Through the school counseling program, students become successful learners, responsible citizens, and productive members of a global economy.

We offer the following services: General counseling, Academic Guidance, Testing Information, Scholarship Lists, College & Career Planning, Kokomo Area Career Center, and Student Records. Please feel free to contact us at any time.


Kacy Slee
Guidance Director
Guidance Counselor Grades 11-12


Welcome to the Freshmen-Senior “News” page.  Check back often to hear about upcoming guidance opportunities at Eastern Howard.

We are pleased to welcome Mr. Chris Johnson to the high school guidance department.  Mr. Johnson will be working with Freshman and Sophomores.  You may contact him via e-mail at christopher.johnson@eastern.k12.in.us.

Two Hour Delay Class Schedule

2023-2024 Two Hour Delay Lunch Schedule

2023-2024 Homeroom Schedule 

2023-2024 Homeroom Assignments 

We encourage parents to check your student(s) progress thru Skyports parent feature.  Please contact Mrs. Koziel in the Guidance Office if you do not know how to use this option or need help with your password.

Colleges representatives are visiting EHS.  Check out the 2023-2024 Schedule on the “College” tab.

2023-2024 Grading Periods

2023-2024 SAT/ACT Test Dates

New from the Guidance Office: 

Class of 2027 GPA Scale 

Grade Point Conversion Chart

Graduation Pathways

2023-2024 Senior College Planning Handbook

On August 17 Mrs. Slee will to do a presentation of the handbook during “homeroom” and answer any questions. The handbook includes a very useful timeline for Seniors who are planning to attend college next fall.  Here is a link to this handbook 2023-2024  Senior College Planning Handbook.

Comet College  is at EHS!  Learn how EHS Juniors and Seniors can earn transferable college credit. 

Summer Guidance Opportunities

There are no upcoming events.


At Eastern we believe all students should have the opportunity of a bright future. Our studies are focused on college and career readiness and we aspire to have the highest graduation rate around. College is an important step for many students as they decide the career path that will suit them best. We encourage all students to weigh all of the options available and settle on a future path only after investigation and study. The resources on this page are updated regularly. As students explore future paths we would encourage them to check back for updated information.

Look Who’s Coming To Visit With Eastern Juniors and Seniors


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Preparing For The Next Steps? The Information Here Can Help

Look for a free resource for Hoosier students and parents looking for help with college planning and financial aid? Click on the INvestEd logo below:

Need a step by step guide on how to make college a reality? Take a Trip to College to find out how.  The Learn More College Profiles Link has valuable information as to what students should be doing each year of high school to prepare for college.  Find an education and career track that matches your skills and preferences at the College BoardCollege Profiles can also provide additional information for those planning out a college career. “Our website features in-depth college profiles with information about academic programs, athletics, campus life, facilities, expenses, financial aid and much more. From each profile, you can link directly to the home page of each institution.” If you are interested in playing sports in college, you can do a search on specific sports and levels of competition.Take a virtual tour of hundreds of college campuses at Campus Tours. There are also links to college view books and applications.Receive a quality education close to home at Indiana University-KokomoPurdue College of Technology-KokomoIvy Tech or Indiana Wesleyan.

If you hope to participate in sports at a Division I or Division II college, you need to check out this link to NCAA Clearinghouse. Smaller college like, Bethel, Huntington, IWU, Marian,Taylor check out the NAIA link. These sites will lead you through a number of important topics, including your academic eligibility, registration with the clearinghouse, financial aid and recruiting rules.


Each month, beginning in September, the Guidance Office will put out a list of scholarships that they are aware of.  The first week of each month, Guidance staff will go into Senior English classes to distribute these lists; talk about each one and hand-out applications, if applicable. These lists can also be picked up on the Guidance Office bulletin board or found below.  They will also be e-mailed to Seniors & parents.

Current scholarships will have the year (2023 or 2024)  in front of them.  

*2023 September Scholarship List

*2023 October Scholarship List

2023 Goodfellows Scholarship *

2023 November Scholarship List

*2023 December Scholarship List

2023 – 2024 Howard County School Employee FCU Darrell Rider Scholarship

2023 Knights of Pythais Application

*2024 January Scholarship List

*2024 February Scholarship List

2024 APRI Kokomo Chapter Scholarship

2024 National Greentown Glass Scholarship 

2024 Kiwanis Club Foundation of Kokomo 

*2024 March/April Scholarship List

2024 American Legion Post 317 Lowell E. Symons 

2024 DAV Scholarship

2024 Golden K Kiwanis

2024 Howard County Sport Hall of Fame Scholarship

2024 Indiana Sheriffs’ Association, Inc.

2023 Maude Kelley Scholarship

2024 Fabulous 50’s Scholarship

2024 Aimee McCollum Romero Memorial Scholarship

2024 Andrew Allen McKinney Memorial Scholarship

2024 Bowen Scholarship

2024 DeShaney Scholarship

2024 Dr. Stanton W. Nicholson Scholarship

2024 Financial Builders Memorial Scholarship

2024 Greentown Lions Club Scholarship

2024 Greentown Masonic Lodge #341 – F & AM Scholarship

2024 Hayden Vint Foundation Scholarship

2024 Howard County Retired Teachers Association Scholarship

2024 Carl Koontz Scholarship 

2023 Kokomo Men of Note Scholarship

2024 Christopher J. Matchett Scholarship

2024 Music at the Fountain Scholarship – Greentown Main Street Association

2024 Phyllis Jean Wright Miller Memorial Scholarship

2024 Sunny Sinnamon Memorial Scholarship

2024 The Wyman Group Community Service Scholarship

2024 Tri Kappa General and Barb Peelle Memorial Scholarships – Extended due date 4/11/24!

2024 Whitcomb Family Scholarship

2024 Aimee’s Hope Scholarship

Howard County Farm Bureau Application

2024 Indiana Black Expo, Kokomo Chapter

2024 Kiwanis Club Foundation of Kokomo 

2023 City of Firsts Community Federal Credit Union Scholarship

2023 Solidarity FCU Scholarship

2023 Kokomo Country Club Scholarship

2024 Tri-State Desk and Derrick Club Technical or Trade School Scholarship

2024 Ernest Johnson Memorial Scholarship

*Scholarship List

**Guidance staff are always here to assist students in this area.  We want to help as many of our students as possible to earn FREE money for college!

Please let us know how we can assist you!

  • **Reminders**
    *Most colleges offer scholarships so be sure to check out your prospective college website for listings.
    *To receive Financial Aid you MUST fill out the FAFSA by March 10th.
    *Remember to check out scholarship data bases like fastweb.com, scholarships.com, anycollege.com, studentaid.ed.gov for FREE scholarship information.
    *Never send money for a scholarship opportunity!


America’s Career InfoNet is an excellent career resource library. Find high growth industries and job opportunities, identify options and plan your education.

Best Jobs U.S.A. Employment Review Magazine

Take a guided tour of Planning a Career. On this tour, you can find out how to choose a career and how to reach your career goal. You will also pick up useful tips on job hunting, resume writing and job interviewing techniques.

Kokomo Area Career Center (KACC) offers programs that are designed to train high school students for technical jobs in the workplace of tomorrow.

Military Careers
Find one of 4,100 careers in the Military. Military service people often enter the civilian world as highly experienced and sought-after candidates.


You can now order transcripts online whether you are a current high school student or an alumni!
Eastern High School has joined forces with Parchment (formerly Docufide) to bring you Secure Transcript – the safe, paperless way to send transcripts directly to the colleges you choose. It’s easy, it’s secure, and it’s available 24/7.

Secure Transcript will send out official transcripts, checked and approved by us, to the colleges, scholarship funds, employers, etc. that you choose. They will email you to confirm that your transcript has been sent. And for colleges that accept transcripts electronically, they will even confirm when they are received.

Here’s how it works:

  • Sign up: The website link is below. You will choose a password and must provide your email address, so they can contact you.
  • Choose: Select the colleges you’re applying to (they have the addresses). If you need your transcript sent to an employer, yourself or a scholarship fund, you can do that do – just provide the address.
  • Sign off: If your transcript is being sent to a registered Indiana college it is free (most are registered at this time). For all other requests, there is a small fee per transcript.

Click this link for further Parchment Sign-Up Instructions

If you have any questions, You can use the form at http://www.parchment.com/contact-us.

EHS Grade Point Conversion Chart 


Not sure which courses to take? Click here for a description of courses offered at Eastern.

2023 – 2024  Course Catalog

Eastern’s 2023-2024 School Profile

The NEW Indiana Graduation Requirements will be coming soon!

Kokomo Area Career Center (KACC)

KACC offers programs designed to train high school students for technical jobs in the workplace of tomorrow. For your convenience, please see the existing 2023-2024  KACC Courses offered.


Need help with Homework? Here are a FREE service:



Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology has tutors available to help.
with math and science homework for students in grades 6-12.

INvestEd is a FREE resource for Hoosier students & parents looking for help with college planning and financial aid.  Contact them via website or by phone at 317-715-9007.


PSAT – The Pre-SAT is a preparatory SAT exam scheduled for Sophomores and Juniors.  The 2023-2024  testing dates are October 2 – October 6  and is administered at Eastern.   Students will take the test on one assigned day in a smaller group setting.   

SAT/ACT are exams taken to qualify for college entrance.  Either exam may be taken multiple times throughout the year at various locations.  Most schools traditionally take either test (ACT or SAT), but check with your admission office to make sure both are accepted. Information about testing dates and reservations can be found at the College Board website.  Of particular importance is the fact that the August 26, 2023  SAT may be taken at Eastern. 2023-2024 SAT/ACT Testing Calendar.

Eastern High School’s CEEB code is 151385. You will need this code when registering for the SAT or ACT. If you are taking the SAT at Eastern our “test center site code” is 15-322.

Follow the links at College Board to register online for the SAT, view and send your scores, find dates and locations and take practice tests. Information on the PSAT and AP tests is also available. There is a new SAT question posted everyday to test your knowledge (it even has an explanation and hint – just in case you need help).

Use the “hot links” at ACT to register online for the ACT, find dates and locations, review and send your scores and prepare for taking the test.

New in 2022 –  All current Juniors will be given the ACT test during school hours for free.  The test will be administered  March 1 – 3, 2024 here at Eastern.   

ASVAB –  The ASVAB is a timed, multi-aptitude test, which is given to all 10th grade and select 11th and 12th grade students (based on individual graduation pathway).  The test will be given Tuesday, September 12, 2023 at Eastern High School. 

AP – Advanced Placement Exams

The AP exams are given to those who elect to finalize their AP courses for possible acceptance for college credit.  The exams are given in the Spring during the weeks of May 1st – May 13th. 

Comet College