Destination Imagination

Destination Imagination

Destination ImagiNation is an academic competition that features creative problem-solving by teams of 5-7 students.  The DI Program offers students from Kindergarten to college a unique opportunity to participate in challenging and motivational activities.  Students learn to work with others as a team to develop self-confidence by creating solutions, to evaluate their ideas, and to make decisions.  They develop their creative skills through problem-solving and independent thinking.

DI has two components, Instant Challenges, and Team Challenges, which revolve around a special them each year.  “Instant Challenges” teach students to take what life hands them moment to moment.  These challenges spark imaginations by requiring teams to solve problems on the spot.  “Team Challenges” require teams to use art, technology, performance, and real world relevance to prepare and present a solution to one of several problems offered.  This is accomplished through a team created skit.

Interested students and parents attend a meeting in the Fall to sign up for DI.  Each team has an adult coach who serves as a facilitator.  Children of coaches will placed on a team first, followed by team members from the previous year.  All other students will be appointed to a team as space allows.  Team members are nominated by their classroom teacher using a list of criteria found to be essential for this program.  The criteria includes such qualities as artistic and musical ability, humor, quick thinking, attendance, discipline, and grades.

This year Eastern’s DI team is headed to State!

The sponsor is Debbie Everling.