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21   Link   Exploring Leonardo
If your students think the only Leonardo was that guy in that movie about a boat, they'll need to come here. Leonardo da Vinci was an inventor, artist, and a scientist before his time. This is a well-designed, informative, and beautifully illustrated
22   Link   Franklin Institute Science Museum
This is a beautiful site with many science resources. You can take virtual tours of many exhibits, check out units of study guides on living things and wind, and even pose a science question to an "expert".
23   Link   Globe
Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE) is a worldwide network of students, teachers, and scientists working together to study and understand the global environment. GLOBE students make a core set of environmental observat
24   Link   Goddard's Science Question of the Week
From the Goddard Space Center, a weekly science question and answer. Recommended that you give the question on Monday, the answer on Friday. Includes the last three years worth of questions and answers.
25   Link   Great Plant Escape
The Great Plant Escape presents plant life science lessons. Students can help the detective unlock the mystery of plant life. There are six cases, all dealing with plant biology. Good for upper elementary. Includes a teacher's guide and an illustra
26   Link   Heart Preview Gallery
Everything that relates to the heart. There are teacher resource materials, x-ray images, sounds of the heart, poetry, music, a tour and more. The site offers many video clips, even one of an open heart surgery.
27   Link   Virtual Frog Dissection
This is one of the most visited sites on the Web and still the best way to dissect a frog. Using multimedia and other technologies, students can virtually dissect a frog by following along with step-by-step directions. The video clips do a good job o
28   Link   JASON Project
A great site, it is one for all teachers! The JASON Foundation for Education, which was founded to administer the project, sponsors an annual scientific expedition which is the focus of an original curriculum developed for grades 4 through 8. Durin
29   Link   Kids World 2000
A "guide for the young cyber-traveler" that includes links to museums, zoos and aquarium, science, sports, and geography sites.
30   Link   MAD Scientist Network
Featuring science lessons, exhibits, and experiments, this site covers physics, biology, chemistry, and other areas. It is useful for teachers and students.
31   Link   Meteorology Guide
The Online Meteorology Guide is a collection of Web-based instructional modules that use multimedia technology and the dynamic capabilities of the Web - very comprehensive. Probably better suited for upper-level students.
32   Link   NASA Quest
NASA links to the current educational activities they are sponsoring and includes archived lessons, information about the initiative, and a lot more.
33   Link   NASA Spacelink: An Aeronautics & Space Resource for Educators
Another site from NASA, this one is devoted to space flight. It offers curriculum and instructional materials in math, history, geography, and language arts and also contains links to other aerospace resources.
34   Link   Nine Planets
The Nine Planets is a multimedia tour of the solar system that includes information more than just the nine planets, with excellent images and lots of information. Another good part of the site is the glossary, which is useful for anyone studying spa
35   Link   Nobel Prize Internet Archive
Features up-to-date information on the latest Nobel Prize winners, as well as biographical information on all the past winners.
36   Link   Periodic Table of the Elements (Webelements)
Excellent use of the hyperlinked medium. Click on an element in the table and get all kinds of information about it, including a description and historical facts.
37   Link   Physics 2000
Physics 2000, from the University of Boulder, offers a fun and informative interactive journey through modern physics. This highly awarded site offers interactive experiments and easy-to-read, yet educational, text. Definitely a must see site.
38   Link   Physlink
Physlink is a physics portal pointing to news articles and websites related to physics. The site features an Ask the Experts section and information on the history of physics. There are also many educator resources on this site.
39   Link   Rainforest Australia
Australia has rain forests, too, and this website offers the viewer text and images covering the many different facets of the forest. This site serves as a gateway for a commercial outfit but the articles and images are educational nonetheless.
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