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Walk into our buildings any day of the week and you will likely see students looking up information on iPads, teachers interacting with live presentations on their interactive whiteboards, students creating video projects with Flip cameras, and Prezi's or Powerpoints being used in teaching.  We love our technology at Eastern and it's only getting better.

The coming year will mark our last step into 1:1, replacing upper grade netbooks with iPads.  We are excited as we will soon be a full 1:1 iPad school district.  Teachers have access to their own iPads, laptop computers, and a plethora of other technologies. We will also be piloting MacBooks with some of our teaching staff int he coming year.

Speaking of Apple, did you know that the elementary computer lab is set to be transformed into a MacLab? Students will soon have access to iMacs in the elementary lab for easy transitioning between iPad and computer systems. Additionally Macs make great computers for project based learning. Once the lab is in full swing we expect students will be jumping to get into it.

Saftey is a primary concern, especially with out 1:1 iPad deployment which stays with students 24/7. Because of this, we have implemented safe filtering for internet and app access whether students are at school or at home. While no filter is 100% we work hard to keep our students safe.

Teaching staff continue with daily professional development on a variety of topics including regular technology development.  You may even find that your student's class runs a facebook page that you can follow.  Many staff have a web presence and allow access to homework and notes for easy download.  Both buildings and the corporation office communicate via Facebook and Twitter accounts.

This year we will also be employing a new service called eBackpack which will allow students to turn all assignements in easily without the need for emailing large files back and forth.  Students will be able to build an ePortfolio from year to year and best of all, students can now download their own video files from their iPad through any web connected computer.

As you can see we have a lot to explore in our schools.  The teachers and staff are all enthusiastic and use the technology they have access to to enrich the experience of students and educate in a fashion that students are used to in their daily lives.  As technology changes, so do we.  We truly live up to our brand "A tradition of excellence.  A vision for tomorrow."
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