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Welcome to the Eastern Howard SMART Links Listing

The internet is constantly evolving, with new sites being published
every day.  While we list links here, there is the possibility that a site
has moved or been removed.

Elementary Sites and Resources

SMART Notebook File sites

Scholastic SMART Activities -- Scholastic offers several free activities sorted by topic for teacher use in classroom.  Notebook files can be downloaded directly from the site.

Promethean Planet -- SMART boards allow you to not only open notebook files, but also flipchart files (.flp files only not .flipchart).  You can visit Promethean Planet to open up a whole new world of activities that will function with your SMART board.  Note:  you must sign up for a free membership to download from Promethean Planet.  Once downloaded you can "import" the file via the file drop-down menu.

-- SMART has a large online community which maintains notebook lessons on all subjects for download.  Simply visit the site and search for notebook files you would like to download.

Interactive Educational Websites

Illuminations -- This website offers links to math learning activities that are interactive and cover a number of topics by grade level.  The database is searchable by word and by grade level.

TeacherLED -- TeacherLED is a website collection of interactive flash tools that demonstrate concepts on various topics.  You can launch the flash tools directly from the web without downloading them.

Academic Skill Builders -- This website provides interactive educational games which review math, language arts, time, etc. and are appropriate for younger children.  Use of a keyboard is required.

Draggable Math  -- Perfect for use on the SMART board.  You create the type of problem and digits in the problems and then you can drag numbers in order to solve, no typing necessary.

ABC Ya -- This website provides educational games by grade level.  Some activities are not only games but allow for interactive demos, such as the "fraction tiles" applet.

Web Resources

OpenClipart.org -- This is a searchable database of clipart that is free for personal or educational use.  You can search by category or keyword and download files to your computer for future use.

Pics4Learning.com -- The Pics4Learning site contains thousands of pictures which are donated by students, teachers and amature photographers.  All pictures are copyright friendly for educational use.

Teacher Built Smart Board Galleries -- This site houses numerous galleries built by educators.  You can download them or simply open the file. The content is then found under the "my content" area of the SMART Notebook gallery. 

Open Source/Trial Software With Interactivity

Phun 2D Physics Sandbox -- This particular software allows you to draw objects and connect them together with motors and gears or transmute them into other materials such as magnets or metal.  When you press play they come to life and behave as though they are real.

Crayon Phyxics Deluxe -- This trial software (paid for version has additional levels) is similar to Phun but presents a ball with obstacles.  You must draw objects to move the ball to the goal.  Objects in this program look like crayon drawings on crinkled notebook paper.

Sculptris -- Sculptris is a version of software being developed by the makers of Zbrush (actually it was being developed by someone else who has now been absorbed into that company).  Sculptris gives you an interactive ball of clay that you can pinch, pull, shape and manipulate to create realistic looking 3D clay sculptures.


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